Let's celebrate

In the Neverland Children's Center, you can order the organization of a holiday with a rich entertainment program, or you can simply rent a room and spend the holiday yourself. We have prepared a lot of exciting programs!



For visitors from the 1styes up to 4 years old we offer children's interactive performance

For the baby, everything is filled with sounds and bright colors. Everything sounds —stream, sea, rain, birds sing. Birds have arrived to us and an egg has already appeared in the nest! A funny chick hatched out of the egg, for him everything is around for the first time — a butterfly, a worm, a ray of sunshine. We will teach him to fly and fly with him over a meadow of dandelions and land right in them!

Older children will have an unforgettable adventure

Birthday quest is unusual and fun! Quests for children are a unique opportunity for your child to get into the fascinating world of riddles and puzzles, which will give him a lot of new impressions and bright emotions!

  • Rent of the entire center - 150 euros(3 hours) + 3 euros for a children's ticket(adults - free of charge).

  • Rent of one hall - 15 euros for a children's ticket (adult free of charge). Young visitors can play in the entire center for 3 hours.

  • During all three hours, our visitors will be involved in various games and fun and constantly be supervised by experienced teachers.

Additional features for visitors:

- An animator who will conduct additional contests and tasks on your chosen topic;

- Master class;

- Soap bubble show;

- Festive decoration;

- Photographer;

- Festive menu (from 7 to 10 euros per person);

- It is possible to bring your own food (3 euros per person);

- A birthday cake with a pattern or figures.